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1Mission Nutrition

Project Scope
Social Media Campaigns, Motion Graphics, Marketing Collateral, Branded Apparel, Product Photography, Email Campaigns, Trade Show Graphics

1Mission Nutrition was created from the philosophy of formulating some of the best supplement products to gain physical strength, and give back to those who Serve, Protect, and Defend our nation. Every product purchased at 1Mission Nutrition helps to create a Strength Box which they package in their warehouse and ship out to deployed US soldiers.

1Mission sought out our services to help define their brand through various online marketing campaigns. Strong, high-energy designs were crucial in order to capture the attention of potential consumers. The mission was to support and give back to the military, influencing the design through a multitude of textures, graphics, and photos. High contrast blocks of black, red, and white created dynamic content needed to stand out in a saturated online market. 

Product photography was an additional service we provided for 1Mission. Photos of individual products, as well as bundles, were used on their website and implemented into a large portion of their marketing content. Branded apparel was also created to assist many of their online campaigns. These graphics were designed and produced on tees and sweatshirts. Below are a few of those graphics.

To add interest to their online presence, motion graphics gave their content movement and personality. It was also a way to deliver a greater amount of information concerning promotions on social media platforms. They span from simple stationary images with minor animation to longer videos highlighting important information related to a promo or mission.